Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

Want to Work Remotely in 2017? Here’s What You Need to Do

Whether you’re moving farther away from work, about to have a baby or know you’d be more productive with a flexible schedule, working remotely over the internet could be the solution you’re looking for to achieve a better work-life balance.

The great thing is, more and more businesses are open to either part- or full-time telecommuting setups for their workers. If you would like to work from home, and you have a solid reason, taking a few steps can increase the chances you and your boss can come to a telecommuting arrangement.

Consider how it might work

For many jobs, a telecommuting setup simply won’t work. For instance, someone working the production line at a factory can’t exactly do that over the internet.

So before you start dreaming of working in your sweatpants and slippers, ask yourself if you can do your job remotely. If not, then no amount of planning or convincing will make it happen.

A good exercise is to list your daily duties and how much time it takes to complete each one. Then figure out if these tasks can be done remotely and if they will take around the same length of time to complete. This exercise not only tells you if telecommuting is a possibility, it also serves as a tool to show your boss that working remotely is doable in your position.

Develop a proposal

Just tossing out the idea at the company holiday party probably isn’t the best way to seal the deal. Instead, you should be putting together a formal proposal in order to make the best case.

Put forward an explicit schedule of the hours you can work remotely, explaining you will be readily available by phone, email, IM or project management software during those hours. Your plan is also more prone to be taken seriously if you begin by asking for an initial part-time telecommuting schedule.

Your proposal should also summarize the advantages of your proposed arrangement. The best arguments are ones that include a “what’s in it for me?” element. For instance, working remotely could mean you can start earlier since you don’t have to commute each morning. Have a minimum of three ways that telecommuting will allow you to be a better worker and a better asset to your employer.

Be able to address concerns

You should also be prepared to address any concerns regarding your productivity or IT security issues. Consider the biggest questions or concerns your boss might have and develop solutions. For instance, regular catch-up meetings or a weekly duties list can help address accountability concerns.

Doing your due diligence, particularly on these concerns, will indicate you’ve considered every element of the arrangement.

At ZDA, we often have a number of positions available where working remotely is a possibility. If you’re currently looking for such an arrangement, or you’re just looking to take the next step on your career path, please contact us today to work with one of the top supply chain recruiters.


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