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What are the Benefits of Partnering with ZDA?

These are challenging times in the supply chain, especially when it comes to recruiting top talent. Hiring managers face fierce competition, and yet business demands are driving the need for a high-performing, resilient workforce.

ZDA can help companies meet these talent acquisition challenges by providing them with a number of key hiring benefits. With a team of skilled and experienced supply chain recruiters, ZDA is known for connecting best-fit candidates to a roster of Fortune 500 companies, providing these clients with a massive return on their investment. Consider the following ways your company could benefit from partnering with ZDA.

Greater Reach

There are highly qualified candidates all over the United States, but HR departments tend to focus on candidates in their specific regions. ZDA has a broad national reach and our time-tested network of relationships within the supply chain means a superior ability to locate best-fit national candidates for your open positions.

Better Ability to Hire for Niche Roles

HR teams are often tasked with filling supply chain roles that have very specific skill requirements. This results in having to find and attract candidates in a small talent pool, which is harder than ever in today’s competitive labor market.

Being a specialist talent acquisition agency, ZDA is well-positioned to swiftly source candidates with distinct logistics capabilities and backgrounds. Our candidate databases and industry relationships are specifically developed for finding exceptional niche candidates. We also have the extensive experience needed to quickly dig through applications and turn down candidates that don’t meet your standards, which saves your company both time and money.

Expedited Process

Those in recruitment understand the importance of a well-paced hiring process. In one survey, 39 percent of job seekers dealing with a protracted hiring process said they lost interest in an open position and started looking for other opportunities.

To be fair to employers, it can be challenging to fill industry-specific roles. A specialized recruitment agency like ZDA can help them expedite the hiring process for specific roles, preventing great candidates from slipping through their fingers.

Our national reach, extensive experience and time-tested relationships translate to the rapid hiring of the most promising candidates. Through engaging job ads and effective candidate interviews, we quickly eliminate sub-par candidates, helping our clients take decisive action.

We also understand that a fast hiring process is worthless if the wrong candidate ends up getting hired. Our experience helps us to maintain quality while eliminating wasteful steps.

A Meaningful Relationship

We are able to deliver exceptional results due to our focus on building a meaningful two-way relationship with our clients. We understand the importance of listening to our clients. Our clients know their specific demands better than us and by listening to them, we become a more knowledgeable and powerful talent acquisition partner.

Let Us Help Your Company Navigate the Post-COVID Labor Market

If you are struggling to find talent in this challenging market, you should consider getting specialized assistance from ZDA. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company.

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