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How To Reach Out To Candidates As a Linkedin Recruiter

LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for recruiters and hiring managers, filled with promising candidates. But getting a dream candidate interested in your open position isn’t as easy as sending them a cut-in-paste cold email.

If you’re on LinkedIn, you’ve probably gotten spammed by recruiters. At first, getting a message about an “exciting opportunity” may have been a bit flattering. But now, it’s probably more of a nuisance. Clearly, there’s an art to getting LinkedIn users interested in an open position. Below are a few suggestions on how to master that art.

Start with a Bang

No one is expecting you to come up with something as iconic as “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” — but your opening lines should grab your reader’s attention. The subject line of your message is the first chance to do this.

The best subject lines for a cold email are succinct and feel individualized. Take the time to actually read their profile and use any unique information in a way that feels natural. For example, maybe they recently started working remotely and you’re looking to fill a remote position. If you can, attempt to develop a personal connection by mentioning a commonality, such as an alma mater or shared previous employer. However you can do it, dropping a bit of (publicly shared) individual information makes cold outreach feel a whole lot warmer.

Also, try to generate a bit of intrigue with your subject line that tantalizes your recipient into opening the message. Maybe mention the most appealing aspect of a job, but don’t give away all the details upfront.

Invest in Making a Connection

While it’s faster to simply cut-and-paste a message to multiple candidates, according to LinkedIn data, writing an individualized message increases response rates to messages by 20 percent. When reaching out to highly-qualified candidates, it’s clearly in your best interest to write something personalized.

Of course, you don’t have to start every single message from scratch. A template can be a good jumping-off point, but make sure your final draft doesn’t feel impersonal. Mentioning a post that the person shared to their profile or something from their background is a good way to let the person know you see them as an individual.

It Never Hurts to Flatter (Tastefully)

When reaching out, be sure to mention a candidate’s impressive qualities. LinkedIn research has revealed that more than 50 percent of all candidates expect recruiters’ to specifically say why they are a good fit for the open position.

Provide specifics to demonstrate that you’re genuine, and not just blowing smoke. Draw a bright line between their background and the job requirements, such as a unique skill that your organization is seeking in applicants.

Get to the Point

According to LinkedIn data, messages between 200 and 400 characters tend to have the highest response rates, while messages with more than 400 characters tend to get fewer responses. Therefore, keep it short and sweet.

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