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Women In Supply Chain: How Companies Can Help Close the Gender Gap

Partly because it has been male-dominated for so long, the supply chain sector has a lot to be desired regarding the representation of women.

Given the talent acquisition challenges faced by the sector today, the lack of women representation should be addressed now more than ever. Below are a few tips on how your company can close its gender gap.

Tips For Supply Chain Companies Closing The Gender Gap

Write Smart Job Descriptions

The manner in which a job description is written can significantly affect whether women will apply for a job. In a recent study, LinkedIn found that 44 percent of women would be put off by the word “aggressive” in a job posting. To battle this bias, businesses will use software programs like Textio Hire. Programs like this can spotlight exclusionary terms in job descriptions. The software then recommends language that supports a more diverse range of applicants.

Transparency around salary in a job posting can also have a positive effect. As a supply chain company that shares a salary range in the posting, you gain trust. This transparency is often seen as a commitment to equity and fair pay. LinkedIn research also revealed that career opportunities that included flexible work options and substantial medical benefits appealed to job seekers of all genders but specifically women.


Connecting with younger generations is critical to breaking the cycle of male overrepresentation in the supply chain. Partnering with local universities, colleges, and trade schools and holding informational visits can expose young women to career possibilities in the industry. Telling success stories featuring female leadership can inspire and encourage female students to pursue supply chain careers.

Representation Matters

On social media, post stories of women who are successful at different levels of your business. Women are just as likely as men to view your company profiles, especially on LinkedIn, ahead of applying for a job or before an interview. When your supply chain company includes women in your social presence, they’re more likely to engage in your hiring process.

Of course, you can’t share stories of women in the highest levels if they are not represented there. Women at the lower levels of your company are more likely to remain with the organization if they see there is a place for them at the top. Also, younger generations of women benefit from seeing women in positions of influence.

Supporting Parents

In our society, women tend to have more responsibility than men when it comes to balancing professional and family priorities. An organization that is looking to recruit women must take steps to support their working parents. This is especially true for families with very young children. From flexible scheduling to remote working, there are a number of simple but effective initiatives my company can launch to support women in the difficult decisions they must make.

We Can Help Your Company Diversify Its Ranks

At ZDA, we often help our supply chain clients meet their diversity goals. Please reach out to us today to learn how we might assist your organization.

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