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Winning the War on Supply Chain Talent

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely disrupted the labor market, and while some companies are more focused on reducing staffing – the battle for talent in the supply chain industry still rages on.

Throughout the pandemic, the supply chain was responsible for everything that came to our front door and logistics organizations found themselves dealing with unprecedented levels of demand. Many experts are predicting that this increased reliance on the supply chain will stick with us long after the threat of COVID-19 has disappeared.

Clearly, your company needs to continue its long-term campaign in the war for supply chain talent. Below are a few ways you can score some key tactical victories.

Build a Culture That Attracts

Some company cultures attract and keep top talent, while other cultures repel it. For obvious reasons, yours should the former.

In principle, building an attractive culture should be easy. According to a recent report from Glassdoor, the three biggest cultural forces behind high job satisfaction ratings are having clarity of purpose, strong leadership and career development opportunities.

When trying to develop your culture, it is essential to discuss it often. Begin meetings with a comment or question about culture initiatives or employee retention. Doing this shows how your company values its culture and keeps culture development top of mind.

Build a Brand That Attracts

Your employer brand is the way your company seems to treat its employees. It is strongly tied to your company’s employee value proposition, as people who get significant value from your company will not only stick with you — they’ll also have positive things to say to people in their network.

Developing a reputation as a great company to work for is essential to winning the talent wars, as around three-quarters of people looking for work think about employer brand before applying to jobs. A key first step is ensuring your online presence looks appealing. In addition to crafting a strong website and social media presence, it is important to keep tabs on employee reviews and significant mentions on the internet.

Make sure the values of your organization are clearly defined. Convey both how your company is distinct and how it is dedicated to certain values. This is a highly effective way to communicate that your company is a strong employer and a place where people feel inspired.

Provide a Good Candidate Experience

With the advent of employer rating sites like Glassdoor, job seekers no longer have to keep quiet about a bad application experience. It is important to remember that although you won’t hire every applicant, but each of them will walk away with an opinion of your organization. This impression will influence how they see your company moving forward and how they talk about your company with others. Also, you never know if a spurned applicant will get into a position where they can negatively affect your company.

Bottom line: Always treat every applicant well and keep in touch with high-quality applicants you don’t end up hiring.

We Can Help Your Company Win Top Supply Chain Talent

At ZDA, we help our clients land the best-fit talent for their supply chain operations before the competition. Please contact us today to find out how we can assist your company.

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