Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

You vs. the Competition – How Do You Win That Battle and Land the Job Offer?

When applying for a job, you might have sent in a sterling cover letter and resume with strong credentials. However, there will likely be other applicants with very similar documents.

Therefore, if you really want the job and think there will be heavy competition, you must be bold and make your value apparent, without being asked first. You need to go above and beyond what other applicants are doing. There are several approaches to standing out and the method you choose should be based on your personality, the industry, the job and the workplace culture of the potential employer.

A cover letter that addresses “pain”

Hiring personnel read so many cover letters they eventually get numb to the constant praise of their company and subtle self-promotion found in the typical letter. By writing a cover letter that addresses a current “pain” or issue the company is facing, you can break up the monotony and stand out from the competition.

To write a pain letter, identify an issue the business is dealing with and describe how you would solve the problem, if given the opportunity. This letter should include in-depth knowledge of the company and your distinct capability to solve the issue.

This approach is best if you know someone who works for the company and can point you in the direction of issues the company is currently facing. When going this route, avoid language that might come across as critical of the company.

Show your value

In addition to sending a cover letter and resume, consider sending in any documents that show your value to the business. For instance, you could create a proposal for a new process based on your unique skill set or outline a potential business opportunity. This method should show off your understanding of what the business needs and your capacity to contribute in a highly valuable way.

Obviously, this approach works best if you have a rock-solid proposal or opportunity in your back pocket. If you don’t, this approach could make it seem as though you are desperately clutching at straws.

Be bold in the interview

Now that the job market is staunchly in favor of the job seeker, you can afford to approach interviews on the front foot, knowing there will be other opportunities out there.

That doesn’t mean you should brazenly waltz into the interview with a devil-may-care attitude. It does mean you should see the interview as a two-way street and ask serious questions of your interviewers. Ask about workplace culture values you appreciate and opportunities for advancement. If you’re feeling particularly bold, ask if you’re a top candidate for the job, what concerns your interviewers have about you and how you can convince them you are the candidate they are looking for.

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