Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

“Why Should I Hire You?” Here’s What You Should Say

Right next to “What is your biggest weakness?”, the question “Why should I hire you?” is probably the most common question hiring personnel like to ask in an interview.

Because you can see it coming, this question offers you a real opportunity to take advantage of. The best responses to this question showcase confidence, personal qualifications and enthusiasm for the job.

Make it personal

Since this is a fairly common question, it can be easy to fall into the trap of giving a stock answer you found on the internet. The problem with that is: Other candidates might give the exact same answer.

To avoid looking unoriginal, mention your unique credentials, and emphasize your particular areas of expertise. Include a specific situation from a former job of where your abilities led to positive results. This will give the potential employer a better notion of how your abilities fit into the role.

Also, mention relevant achievements from past jobs and explain how they relate to the open position. For instance, if you helped to improve a workflow process, talk about how you would be looking to save the company by keeping an eye out for any inefficiency.

Speak to company concerns

Another good answer to this question speaks to the problems and concerns a company is facing.

Look at the job description and try to get a sense for the types of problems the company want this role to handle. Then, during the interview, write down what the hiring manager says about job requirements and responsibilities. When the question about why the company should hire you comes up, your answer should draw on both your research and what you heard in the interview.

Giving this kind of response is more difficult, but it is more impressive since you’re showing off your listening skills and ability to think on your feet.

Emphasize your soft skills

If you are interviewing for an entry-level position or your past achievements don’t match up very well with what the company is looking for, explain how your teamworking, communications, work ethic and other soft skills will add real value to the company. Try to tie these skills into specific job responsibilities. For instance, if the job requires working as part of a team, explain how you have used your people skills to grow a large social network.

Bring the enthusiasm

No matter which of the above strategies you decide to go with, make sure to show your excitement about the position. By showing enthusiasm, you’re letting your potential employer know that you are going to be dedicated to doing a good job, which is a great reason to hire you.

At ZDA, we assist our job seekers with every aspect of the hiring process. If you think you need to improve any of your job seeking or interviewing skills, please contact us today and we can arrange a meeting to help you take the next step in your supply chain career.


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