Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

When You Least Expect It

When you hear the word Networking, what comes to mind? Many job seekers will describe it as a necessary evil. Even the most outgoing individual might say that networking is “forced” communication. When successful networking has occurred, the desired result is a specific contact name and number. Actually, the goal is to have multiple names and numbers of individuals that can help advance your overall job search.

Networking online, often referred to as social networking is efficient and effective. Joining organizations, clubs and professional groups is another great way to network.

The following are individuals or places you may have forgotten to network:

1. Your family

2. Your friends

3. Past employers

4. Past co-workers

5. Place of worship

6. Dry cleaner

7. Local pharmacy

8. Local drug store

9. Your mail carrier

10. Your children’s teachers/administration

11. Gas station attendant

12. Local grocery store

13. Your financial planner

14. Local bank

15. ANY place you shop

16. Your children’s friends parents

17. A baseball game

18. ANY sporting event

19. ANY social outing

20. ANY social club/organization

These are just some of the endless possibilities available to you! You never know who someone may know. They just may know your next boss, your next employer. Tell EVERYONE you know that you are currently in an active job search. Express to people that you would be very grateful if they could help you in any way. Then, if they do in fact help you, always follow up properly and graciously with a Thank You!


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