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What Impact Does a Bad Hire Have On Your Company?

Does your company have $25,000 to $50,000 to spare? If not, you may want to consider what those numbers represent: the cost of a “bad” hire.

Yes, if you consider the time and work you put into hiring just one person, it could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars if that person doesn’t work out.  How?

Some of the complications that arise from making a bad hire include:

  • Legal issues
  • Fewer sales
  • Lost worker productivity
  • Lost time to recruit and train another worker
  • Costs associated with recruiting and training another worker
  • Negative impact on employee morale
  • Negative impact on client solutions

A bad hire can negatively impact your customers’ perception of your business, the service a customer receives, or the sales your business makes. And it can have an adverse effect on morale in your workforce, as your other employees struggle to make up the work for the missing employee or worry that they’ll be the next to be let go.

So why do so many supply chain employers make bad hires? The biggest problem most of them have is the need to hire quickly. And moving too quickly can cause mistakes.

After all, bad hires aren’t necessarily lazy, incompetent, or ineffective employees. Often, the problem is that the culture and the person don’t match. Or the company doesn’t offer sufficient training or support.

How can you avoid such expensive mistakes? One solution is to hire a recruiter who specializes in your industry.

The cost of the recruiter’s fees will be far less than the money you would spend on hiring the wrong people. In fact, they can save you money and time from the beginning of the process.

Recruiters can evaluate and compare candidates objectively as part of their hiring procedures, especially when they specialize in your industry.

They can provide testing and screening, but they also know how to ask the right questions that allow them to assess both negative and positive personality traits.

They have the time to get to know the candidates and find out what they’re looking for in a work environment, so they can decide whether the candidate will fit well into your workplace. And they can even provide training and onboarding support, to help integrate the new employee seamlessly.

Do you think your supply chain business could benefit from a major cost reduction? We’re here to help! Contact ZDA today to find out how we can improve your supply chain hiring strategies and results—and your bottom line!

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