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What about YOUR Career Goals?

What about YOUR Career Goals?

Have you ever felt like there is NO time for yourself? Most individuals I know are focused on everyone else. Please take time right before the end of the year, to write down your top ten “A” non-negotiable goals, ten “B” goals and ten “C” goals.

It is just as important to not only to WANT to achieve those goals, but to EXPECT it to happen. Under each goal write four or five smaller actions items. Attacking a goal and one action item at a time, simplifies your ability to attain your goals.

The Law of Attraction is very fair. Whatever energy you are putting out, is what comes back to you. Focus on what you WANT versus what you don’t have. Take time to think about your career and dreams. The goals are obviously a combination of business, personal, health and spiritual goals. Read the goals often and check them off as you accomplish each goal. It is a proven fact that you greatly increase your chances of success when you write things down.

Take time to think of yourself.

Pamela Day


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