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Welcome and Develop Millennials with These 5 Tips

With the baby boomers slowly entering into retirement, companies must now, more than ever, compete for millennial workers.

Like other generations before them, millennials grew up during a specific time that shaped their present values. Companies must speak to these values not only when trying to hire younger workers, but also when trying to coach them into becoming valuable members of their staff.

Attracting Millennials

Talk to a baby boomer about career issues, and they are likely to bring up job security.

For millennials – who came of age when pensions were long gone and US jobs were being shipped overseas – the idea of job security might seem like a quaint old-fashioned idea. No, today’s young adults know nothing is guaranteed these days, and they have embraced the idea of a career that leapfrogs from company to company.

Instead of trying to attract millennials with a sense of security, your company should be offering them opportunities and experiences designed to propel them forward along their career. These can include chances to work on special projects, the ability to travel to industry conferences or a clear up the company ranks.

Millennials also grew up in an age of decentralization thanks to powerful digital technology. These employees know that a lot can be accomplished remotely and will want to work for a company that gives them the flexibility to work from home.

Many of today’s workers are conscientious about the community around them and they want to work for a company that shares this awareness. If your company normally gives back to the local community, make that a part of your pitch to younger workers. If your company doesn’t, consider starting community engagement projects as a way to not only attract millennials, but also add value to your brand as a responsible local company.

Speaking of branding, many millennials also want to work for a company with a prestigious brand. Of course your company may not be Apple or Google, but a well-designed marketing campaign that highlights innovation or office culture can position you company as a vibrant and exciting place to work.

Motivating Millennials

Today’s companies need to do more than just attract millennials. They also need to be able to harness their energy to maximize productivity.

One way to motivate and encourage millennials is to make your company as transparent as possible. Younger workers grew up at a time when all kinds of information was freely available on the Internet, so a company that keeps employees in the dark will reduce their morale and motivation.

Millennials also thrive on regular feedback and encouragement. This might sound like code words for “high maintenance,” but the great thing about regular feedback is that it doesn’t cost the company anything, and yet workers are getting what they want.

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