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Use The Wow Factor

Have You Ever Wondered How to “WOW” Current and Future Employers?

The “WOW” factor can be used by anyone and should be used by everyone in a job search!

One of the most powerful aspects of any job search is being different!

What is WOW?

– WOW separates the strong from the weak.

– WOW separates the sincere from the insincere.

– WOW separates YES from NO.

– WOW is the full measure of your sales ability.

– WOW is crucial when you are interviewing because it is the ability to sell


If you had to evaluate your Current WOW Factor on a Scale from 1 – 10, where would you rate yourself? How would Prospective Employers rate you?

You can measure how much WOW you have in your job search by looking at the following 10 aspects of what makes up WOW:

WOW Factor #1 – Be Persistent

It takes persistence to reach decision on should review your credentials. Follow up on your cover letter and resume and then follow up to set up an interview. Finally you must follow up on your interview, don’t forget your thank you note (personally handwritten).

WOW Factor #2 – Be Knowledgeable

Know the company’s Mission Statement, know their competitors, know how long they have been in existence, and know the key executives and HR contact names. Conduct extensive research and know more than your possible competition.

WOW Factor #3 – Be Prepared

Know the top priorities of your target companies, customize your resume to stress qualities they require, provide copies of past performance reviews, testimonials and references up front.

WOW Factor #4 – Arrive Early

Arrive thirty minutes early so you have time to read the company brochures and observe the employees. Remember to be Professional to everyone you interact with including the receptionist.

WOW Factor #5- Be Professional

You get ONE chance to make a First Impression. You must dress professionally, have your cell phoned turned off, carry a portfolio and don’t wear anything that would draw attention away from what you are saying.

WOW Factor #6- Be Personal

Let your personality show through. Make sure you have practiced a firm, not crushing handshake and a pleasant smile.

WOW Factor #7- Be Aware of Non-Verbals

Be aware of your non-verbals. Smile where you are greeted, and remember the importance of eye contact. Look in the eyes of the interviewer and then in front of you. Looking down can be interpreted as a sign of insincerity. You can look away when you are thinking of an answer, but look straight into the eyes of the interviewer the minute you respond. This shows self-confidence. Never cross your arms during the interview process because that is a sign of defensiveness. When possible, role play interviews with family and friends and have them provide input on your non-verbals.

WOW Factor #8- Stand Out

Most individuals don’t stress their Accomplishments during interviews, they just restate their resume. Think of creative ways to present your experience. Stress your accomplishments as well as the impact they had on your past employers. Plan specifically how you are going to set yourself apart from everyone else.

WOW factor #9- Be Aware of Your WOW Factors

Be a WOW yourself. You must be positive, enthusiastic, focused, polished and outstanding! Decide what you can do to make yourself MEMORABLE!

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