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Top Supply Chain Companies in the U.S. and How to Work for One

Gartner, Inc., the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, recently released its ninth annual list of the Supply Chain Top 25 companies. These companies earned the honor after being evaluated on how well they integrate demand, supply and product into a value network that creates a profit.

While two of the Top 5 won’t be a surprise — Apple and Amazon — other popular companies including Procter & Gamble, The Coca-Cola Company and Starbucks all made the top 15.

Have you ever wished you could work for one of these leading companies? You can. Or with an equally great company that didn’t make this year’s list. How?

In previous posts (see them below), we’ve written about how to use LinkedIn to supercharge your career, and that is certainly one way to go about it. Another, faster and more direct method? Work with an experienced supply chain recruiter.

First, the names of companies are often hidden on job boards, so you may not know these companies are looking. Or, you may know they’re looking (especially if they advertise on Twitter or LinkedIn), but you may not have enough additional information about the position to know if you’re a good fit—or to give you a competitive edge.

An experienced, connected supply chain recruiter will have contacts within companies and can tell you all about open positions with that company. He or she can also fill you in on the pros and cons of working for the organization, and how (or whether or not) you’ll fit into the work environment.

If a certain job is not the right fit for you, they will most likely know about other appropriate positions, including those that aren’t advertised. They may even just go to bat for you, contacting their connections to promote you as a great employee they should hire before you get away.

An honest recruiter will tell you whether you have the right skills and experience to work for a top supply chain company—and if not, he or she can tell you how to get them.

When it comes to working for top supply chain companies, it really is often “who you know” that will get your foot in the door. Instead of having to widen your circle of acquaintances, finding that one great recruiter can open many doors for you.

How do we know? At ZDA Supply Chain Recruiting, we’ve matched hundreds of top candidates with top companies. Whether you’re aiming to work in the big leagues or looking for a hidden gem, give us a call any time!

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