Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

There is NO Job Security, So What NOW?

If you are In a Current Job Search – You need a PLAN!

If you don’t intend to retire from your current company – You need a PLAN!

When beginning a job search it is important to have a PLAN! When taking a vacation or even going on a simple road trip, would you leave without a map? Conducting a successful job search should also have a detailed plan! There is a lot of preparation required in order to have an organized job search. The work you do at the beginning of your search will save you countless hours once you are involved in the interviewing process.

It is also important to write down short and long-term Career Goals.

If you don’t know where you’re going – you’re not going to get there.

Too many people QUIT and STAY at their current job because they don’t know how to conduct a Job Search. You don’t want to find yourself trapped in that situation. Take control of you own Destiny and your Career rather than having your Career control you!

The key to a successful job search is to stay focused and dedicated to your PLAN. However, it is JUST as important that you remain FLEXIBLE throughout your process!

Before your search, it is important to do the following:

1. Write down your skills and work experience.

2. Write down your professional accomplishments.

3. Make two lists: One should be the responsibilities that you enjoy and the second should be the responsibilities that you dislike.

4. Brainstorm what your “dream job” might be.

5. Search for openings in the newspaper, on-line and other sources. Cut out or print the opportunities that appeal to you. (It is important here to be realistic…only take the openings that you are qualified to fill.)

6. Have an “Accomplishment Oriented” Resume – (Have someone else review your resume in order to catch any overlooked errors.)

7. Have your references ready and aware that they may be called.

8. Make a list of Corporations/Companies/Firms that you would like to work for. Have your Target list (these are your first choice places).

9. You also need to have a Second and Third List.

10. Once you have your Lists completed, be open to the realization that your next job may not be on ANY of the Lists that you have put together!


When you initially begin your job search your demands and hopes are usually high! As your search continues, you realize that the more flexible you become; the more opportunities will open up for you!

So often, job seekers search for their ideal job! There is no such thing as the perfect position. If you begin your search knowing that you will need to make changes to your original plan, then you will be able to adjust quickly.

You may need to reconsider your ideals, if your search is taking longer than you had planned. It may be necessary to become more flexible in some of the following areas:

1. Be open to the size of Corporations/Companies/Firms you target.

2. Be flexible on the location & commute time.

3. Be more flexible to working hours – Overtime.

4. Be more flexible on your Benefit Plan requirements (don’t flex if it will cause you additional hardship).

5. Reconsider your Salary requirements (What can you afford to live on?)

6. Be more open to Titles (they vary within each company).

7. Read more job descriptions and accept interviews even if you are not sure of the opportunity.

8. Be open minded – finish all interviewing processes. (Sometimes the opportunity gets better as you go through their entire process.)

9. If an opportunity seems below your abilities, go on the interview. There may be room for advancement/promotions in the near future.

10. Go on as many interviews as you can set up! Each interview may not end up as your next career move but, it IS excellent practice for your interviewing skills.

The idea is to STAY FLEXIBLE, BE REALISTIC & CHANGE YOUR PLAN as you need to throughout your job search and your career!

If you do, you will be happily employed much SOONER THAN LATER and you will Take Charge of your DESTINY!

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