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The Best Apps to Prepare You for Performance Review Season

Company leaders should look forward to giving performance reviews. They’re a chance to recognize good performance and improve employee efficiency through constructive feedback.

However, there are often issues with a conventional performance review system. Reviews are infrequently held, but employees increasingly say they want more regular reviews. Furthermore, traditional reviews are often short on specific performance numbers and feedback. Employees often walk out of these meeting with some general instructions and no overall strategy on how to improve.

Many companies are now using 360-degree performance review apps to address these shortcomings and others. These tools can help employees develop specific improvement strategies on things like communication and team.

Consider the following cloud-based performance review apps and how they can help your company.


ClearCompany is built to help companies address hiring, onboarding and talent management. Fast-developing small companies trying to find an adjustable 360-degree performance management tool should think about ClearCompany, which can allow them to pinpoint the core competencies that are essential to organizational success.


People is ideal for small and midsize companies that want to focus on worker engagement, applicant tracking, and performance reviews.

The solution lets staff members ask for 360-degree performance assessments from peers. Supervisors can use the performance review function to assess worker performance and track live progress.

People, mainly a talent management solution, is perfect for first-time HR software buyers. The solution’s feature component, Ripple Workflow, automates feedback features that can be used to produce customized workflows, getting rid of the need for repetitive manual tasks. These workflows can carry out quite a number moves using a single worker data set.


Reviewsnap was developed to strengthen worker engagement and automate the performance management system through functions like performance tracking, custom workflows and 360-degree feedback.

If your company does not have enough clarity on primary objectives and has trouble with measuring worker performance effectively, you should think about using Reviewsnap. It has a library of abilities you can match to your company’s mission to develop personal worker performance plans.


Trakstar blends internal and external feedback to offer performance evaluation abilities like 360-degree feedback, performance management, peer reviews and talent management.

Small companies in industries with many client-facing employees, such as customer service representatives, should think about Trakstar. The tool allows supervisors to ask for feedback from clients about the service supplied by the staff members for a comprehensive view of worker performance.


Spidergap allows HR supervisors and worker supervisors to generate custom-made feedback reports with a drag-and-drop interface. It is significantly beneficial in spotting trends across a team or an entire organization as part of a training needs evaluation.

Companies that want help developing feedback guidelines and personal development plans should think about adopting Spidergap. It supplies templates with best practices and examples, so 360-degree performance evaluation operations can be set up that are specific to various departments.

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