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Increase Your Revenue By Hiring The Right Support Staff

Maybe you think the best way to run your supply chain business economically is to hire, or employ, fewer people. Or maybe you don’t give a lot of thought to the lower-level positions, figuring that anyone will do. Have you ever thought that you might actually be costing your business money?

In supply chain, so much time and attention is given to acquiring higher level talent that positions like support staff often get shortchanged. But if you stop and take a good look at your organization, you’ll probably find that your highest paid or most technically skilled employees are spending too much of their time on tasks or processes that don’t require their expertise, that they could be delegating to others.

How can you prevent this waste of time and talent? By hiring the right support staff.

Having a good, qualified support staff is critical to your success. Hiring efficient, experienced people can greatly improve your bottom line as well as helping to make your organization a pleasant, stress-free place to work. On the other hand, a lackluster staff can cost you time and money, as well as having a negative impact on client relations and the work environment.

In fact, you can take things one notch higher, and hire people with supply chain experience to fill your support staff positions. Imagine the impact it would have on your training curve for new employees if they were already familiar with supply chain. They could hit the ground running—without having to learn the nuances of the industry.

It can be that easy if you partner with a supply chain recruiter to fill these positions. Yes, some firms will only handle high level, high-salary or highly specialized supply chain positions, but a full service supply chain firm will know how and where to find you the people with knowledge of the field and the support skills you need.

For higher level positions, you always want to hire the best candidate you can afford, and hiring for support staff positions should be no different. If you’d like to give your business a critical edge by allowing your supply chain management to focus on critical activities, call ZDA Supply Chain Recruiting. We can tell you exactly how much we can help you save by hiring the right people!

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