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Do You Have a Successful Supply Chain Staffing Partner?

Sometimes it does take more than one cook in the kitchen to create success. And this is certainly true when it comes to hiring. The perfect recipe for a great hire requires your HR department to partner with a staffing expert who will be able to source the best talent.

The number one thing to remember when you’re working with a good firm is to share your knowledge and expertise. You are the experts in supply chain; the firm’s expertise is in sourcing.

If you want your staffing firm to find you the best possible candidates for your open supply chain positions, then you need to provide your staffing firm with the best possible information to help them find those people. Here’s how to best help your staffing firm support your hiring needs:

  1. Set expectations from the start.  Establish mutually agreed-upon procedures as part of your relationship. These should include things like how you’ll place orders, give and receive feedback and perform quality control checks.
  2. Stay in touch.  Maintain an ongoing dialogue with your staffing company. Keep them abreast of changes in your company, provide feedback on their service and the performance of their employees, and meet with them regularly to discuss what both sides can do to improve the quality of service and placements.
  3. Bring them into planning.  Consider inviting your staffing representative to an annual meeting to plan staffing strategies.  Supply chain staffing experts can offer valuable insight into managing production cycles, improving customer service and helping you hire better.
  4. Reward results.  The best supply chain staffing firms focus on more than filling orders. They want to help you save time, lower expenses and get work done.  When you find a company that does a great job, look for opportunities to enhance the relationship.  Invite them in. Challenge them to help you solve your problems.  See what you can do to reward their good results.  Not only will you make your top vendor happy, you’ll increase their commitment to your success.

At the end of the day, you have the same ultimate goal as your staffing company: to fill your positions successfully! If you work together, communicating fully and regularly, and creating a partnership, you will increase the quality of the hires they can provide you.

And if you’re looking for the right staffing firm to develop that successful partnership with, contact ZDA Supply Chain Staffing today!

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