Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

What to Do When You Feel Like the Outsider at Your Office

Imagine you have a good, well-paying job and your employer is extremely supportive, but for some reason – you’re just not getting along with your co-workers.

Many people find themselves in this situation and fixing it can be tricky. It’s not like you’re in a toxic work environment and need to get out as soon as possible. You simply need to figure out how you can have a more pleasant day at work.

The important thing is not to write the situation off. Research shows that job satisfaction is tightly linked to relationships with co-workers. Therefore, it’s important that you make a strong effort to connect with your colleagues when you start to feel like an outsider. Consider the following tips.

Assess the problem

The first step in addressing the situation is getting to the root of the problem, and that includes analyzing your own role. Have you genuinely been trying to get to know people? Have you been polite and giving of your attention? Have you gone to happy hours or team events outside of work?

If you haven’t been the best colleague, do something about it. If, on the other hand, you’ve done your bit to be a good co-worker and have no problem maintaining friendships outside of work, then you need to start thinking about addressing your work environment.

Be yourself

We’ve all fallen into the trap of trying to be someone else in order to gain the approval of others. While there’s nothing wrong with being open to other ways of thinking, your best bet for truly connecting with other people is to simply be yourself.

At work, you can productively channel your inner passions and bond with others in the process. For instance, if you’re passionate about helping those who are less fortunate, look into volunteer efforts your company puts on and get involved in those initiatives.

Really get to know people

Sometimes, you take a look at a person, make a snap judgment they are different from you and decide you’re not going to spend time getting to know. If you can get over these snap judgments, you might find out you have a lot in common with most people; you simply have to invest some time in locating those common bonds.

Stay positive and make an effort

The workplace is a stressful place and feeling like an outsider can make for an even more stressful situation. However, getting down on yourself or giving up only makes things worse. If you truly enjoy the job and your employer, you need to keep your chin up, keep calm and carry on trying to connect with your co-workers.

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