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A Supply Chain Recruiter Finds Great Talent in a Candidate Shortage

With the unemployment rate as low as it is, there are very few job seekers out there, and the top talent often isn’t actively looking for a new job. This can make finding skilled workers hard for companies.

Working with a recruiter can help a company to reach passive candidates – those individuals who are currently employed, but open to looking for a better employment opportunity. A recruiter can also find unemployed job seekers currently not on the employer’s radar, possibly because they are from outside the area but are willing to relocate.

If you’re currently thinking about working with a recruiter, consider the following factors.

Look for a recruiter that fits your needs

Is your organization looking to fill only positions with specific skills sets, or does your company need to acquire talent across of range of jobs and skills sets? Some recruiters cater to a specific industry or a few specialized positions. Other recruiters work across a wide range of professions and industries.

In addition to considering your company’s present needs, you should also be thinking about what your organization might need in the future. If your operations will be expanding or contracting in the coming months, your staffing choice should reflect that projected change.

Determine recruiters’ standards

Once you’ve settled on the type of recruiter you want, you need to determine which ones work with the best talent and which are less discriminating. The best way to do that is to simply ask.

Find out what their criteria is for working with a job candidate. Some recruiters will favor candidates who have experience in their field over those with essential professional certifications.

Also, ask if you can talk to past or present clients. Then, compare the rates of recruiters to determine return on investment.

Consider additional perks and services

In addition to simply matching talent with an organization, some recruiters offer additional perks and services designed to attract companies like yours. Many recruiters perform background checks, conduct drug screenings and verify educational background. Some will provide these as a total package while others parse these services out a la carte.

Working intimately with the recruiter

Many companies find once they’ve settled on a recruiter, it is in their best interest to work closely with the company to devise a custom solution. To do so, the recruiter will set up a meeting to determine what a company’s services and production capabilities look like.

Some people in management may resist letting an outside person or agency learn the intimate details of their operation, but understanding these details facilitates a better match.

Partner with a top supply chain recruiter

At ZDA, we have years of experience helping companies locate the best-fit talent they need. If you would like to learn more about what kind of supply chain recruitment services we offer our clients, please feel free to contact us regarding any questions or to arrange for a consultation.


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