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Hot Jobs in Supply Chain: Purchasing/Product Manager

What are the usual duties of a Purchasing Manager?

In this role, you’ll direct the buying activities for a company, government agency, or organization. You’ll be responsible for identifying global sources of materials, selecting suppliers, arranging contracts, and managing relationships. You’ll coordinate with materials management and manufacturing to ensure timely delivery of proper materials and provide analysis to increase levels of service at reduced costs.

What’s the career path?

Entry-level purchasing managers typically have three to five years experience as an expediter or buyer where they can build up skills in negotiation; cost analysis; ability to read, understand, and help write legally binding contracts; written communication; spreadsheet proficiency; ability to react to change; understanding of import/export processes; and a basic understanding of global supply chain and its related components.

Success as a purchasing manager often leads to employment as a logistics manager or material manager.

What education is required?

A Bachelor’s degree is usually required for this position.

What salary can I expect?

The average salary range for a Purchasing Manager is $80,000 – 100,000.

What are the usual duties of a Product Manager?

In this role, you will gather product requirements and drive them through the entire lifecycle—scoping, prioritization, design and delivery—working closely with business and technology teams. This will include designing robust integration between the warehouse management system and backend supply chain systems, managing activities and tasks against a project plan to ensure on-time, high quality delivery, supporting functional and integration issues in a production environment with quick defect resolution, and defining and delivering a product roadmap with regular releases of new functionality and enhancements. You will also have to identify key metrics and track and measure business performance.

What kind of experience is important?

Start with two to five years of experience managing technology-related projects. Supply chain software implementation experience is important, as are a strong technical understanding of software architecture and integration, and specific experience querying and analyzing data. The proven ability to think strategically and act tactically coupled with a strong sense of ownership, the ability to lead others from problems to solutions and a proven track record of delivering results are also important.

What education is required?

A Bachelor’s degree or higher is usually required for this position, with a technical background preferred.

What salary can I expect?

The average salary range for a Product Manager is $40,000 – 65,000.

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