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Oh No! Your Supply Chain Superstar Just Resigned! Here’s what to do.

At some point, you’ll end up losing one of your top employees, whether for professional or personal reasons. And of course, you’ll want to fill that vacancy right away, but do you have a strategy in place?  In order to fill your superstar’s shoes with an equally — or even more — qualified individual, you need to have a well-planned recruiting process.

To unlock access to the top talent in the industry, the best thing you can do is partner with a staffing firm that specializes in supply chain. They will help you identify your short-term and long-term hiring needs for this position, then use their expertise to help you fill it.

If you haven’t already established a collaborative working relationship with a supply chain recruiter, here are four great reasons to do so:

  • Their Ability to Recruit Proactively vs. Reactively – When recruiters have enough lead time on all things related to hiring and recruitment, they can partner proactively with you to develop recruitment strategies and channels that will ultimately speed up the hiring process and improve your customer service levels.
  • Their Ability to Scout Talent – Part of a recruiter’s job is to comb the Internet and work the phones, keeping an eye on various levels of supply chain talent and working to keep connections fresh and up to date. If it’s not part of your job, why not let the pros do it?
  • Their Ability to Sell – When your supply chain recruiter knows your company well, their ability to “sell” career opportunities and “close” candidates on offers significantly improves.  They can share information about various supply chain initiatives going on within the company and illustrate how joining the organization would benefit their careers.
  • Their Knowledge of the Market & Competitive Intelligence – A good recruiter will know and share data on competitors and keep your company abreast of what’s going on in the market from a real-time perspective.

Building a relationship with a strong, experienced supply chain recruiting firm like ZDA can keep you from being left high and dry when your top employees leave. Contact us any time you’d like to know more about what we can do for you!

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