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Hot Job: Supply Chain Manager in Albuquerque

A growing Fortune 500 company specializing in packaged goods is seeking a talented Supply Chain/Materials Manager for a fast-growing, high-volume manufacturing site in Albuquerque, N.M.

This position comes with oversight of a supply chain team of more than 40 employees. A high-growth site that produces high-volume products at the rate of 4M+/day, the manager will be responsible for planning, purchasing, warehousing, shipping and customer service.

We are looking for a strong leader who can drive best practices in the supply chain.

Standout candidates will feature a Master’s degree in Business Administration and possess three-plus years of supply chain/materials management experience with five-plus years of progressive experience in supply chain.

Showing flexibility and the ability to inspire others, a great candidate will have strong interpersonal skills, communication skills and leadership and organizational skills. Bilingual skills (English/Spanish) are a plus.

Job candidates can apply here or continue to read to learn more background about supply chain managers.

Supply Chain Manager Trends

Statistics show supply chain manager jobs are on the rise, and a number of factors have helped to make it a particularly hot job.

Technology is probably the biggest driver of the need for supply chain managers. Technology allows supply chain managers to track items in transit. Meanwhile, automation has also allowed for companies to speed and scale up production to unprecedented levels. The scaling up of production means businesses must invest more in the logistics side of their operations.

Supply chain manager jobs will stay in demand as consumption patterns continue to increase. Furthermore, society is putting more and more of an emphasis on lowering emissions and corporate responsibility. Supply chains are particularly relevant to the growing importance of these concepts and this means more resources and personnel must be dedicated to this part of a company’s operations.

What Does a Supply Chain Manager Do?

The supply chain manager must manage the inflow into the facility and then the products coming out of the facility. The supply chain manager is not responsible for the manufacturing of the product, just making sure everything gets to the facility for production and then getting the product to the warehouse or customer.

Being able to manage operations and communicate with a number of different parties proves to be invaluable for the supply chain manger. The manager must be a skilled communicator since they will be corresponding with a variety of people and parties.

Someone looking to become a supply chain manager should also expect to take on all the standard duties of any other manager. This includes developing training programs, make decisions on asset usage, hire and fire staff, stick to a budget and maintain productivity.

What Qualifications Are Necessary?

A supply manager should have a strong science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) background. Supply managers should also have a knowledge base of economic and accounting principles, including basic banking principles and the ability to understand financial data. Finally, education or experience in management is crucial to the success of any supply chain manager.

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