Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

Time Moves On – Evolving Your Job Hunt Strategy in 2014

Job searching today has become an entirely new game. And if you’re playing by the old rules, you may find yourself on the losing team, again and again. Between changes in the supply chain industry and the job search technology, your job search strategy needs to change, also.

Tougher times call for stronger personal/professional support systems. So how can you give yourself the edge?

To continue the sports metaphor, if you wanted to be a great baseball player, you’d learn a lot by talking to a professional a few leagues above you. He would be able to teach you at least two important things: the details and nuances you would need to know, and the importance of not only a great attitude but persistence. Or, if you got to play for a team where your fellow players had a wide range of experience, they’d be able to show you the ropes, help you shape your talents and help you figure out where your skills are best put to use.

When it comes to your job search, you can do the same:

1) Get a mentor.

Find someone who is where you want to be in the supply chain industry, and get introduced. Try for someone who is geographically close to you and in your career’s focus area (such as logistics, procurement, supply chain management, or distribution). By working with a mentor in the same area of industry focus, you will be able to gain specific insight into the path your career may take.

Once you’ve established the relationship, talk to them about the route they took to get where they are, any pitfalls you need to watch out for and any strategies they can share for success. Just remember, the mentor-mentee relationship should be a two-way street. You shouldn’t only contact them when you need something. Reciprocate the investment of time and interest by publicly thanking your mentor whenever appropriate, following and acknowledging your mentors’ achievements and supporting your mentor in their professional successes however possible.

2) Attach yourself to a winning team.

Unlike most professional athletes, you can choose to partner with certain organizations, like a recruiter who specializes in the supply chain industry. Industry-specific recruiters have inside knowledge of companies that are hiring, often for jobs that aren’t advertised to the public. They have an insider’s perspective on careers and job outlook, so they can tell you where the jobs are and what kind of salary you can expect. A good niche recruiter will work with you to determine what skills you have, what skills you might need, and how to use the experience you have to get the job you want. Also, they will work hard to match you to the right company.

How do we know? Because at ZDA, we’ve specialized in supply chain recruiting for years. Our success comes from the success of the matches we make between job hunters and supply chain employers. If you’re ready to work with a recruiter to find your dream job in supply chain, contact us today!

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