Supply Chain Trends

Innovation for your Supply Chain

In the highly competitive logistics industry, innovations occur at a breakneck speed. 2015 looks to be poised as a year for continued inventiveness in the supply chain world — is your organization ready? Failure to stay on top of these rapid changes could put your company at a disadvantage compared to the competition.

Interested in what supply chain-derived innovations are slated to hit the industry in 2015? Let’s take a closer look at a few.

Using the Supply Chain to Develop New Business Models

This century, companies have leveraged the supply chain to drive business model innovations. You need to look no further than Amazon to see how a company can dominate its business sector through superior logistics made possible by world class technology. Arguably, there is no company that does more with a Cloud-based technology architecture than Amazon; in fact many other companies use Amazon’s AWS product to host their own Cloud applications.

Companies need to analyze their supply chain and look for areas where innovations add value to their customers and clients. Retail outfits as diverse as paint stores and PC shops leverage the supply chain to allow shoppers to easily customize their purchases — something not possible in earlier times without waiting weeks or months to take delivery.

Leveraging Data Analytics for Supply Chain Optimization

Smart logistics companies know their supply chain data. They are able to analyze the information generated by their supply chain and look for areas of optimization to speed up product delivery to their customer base. Without an emphasis on this kind of data analytics, supply chain organizations are essentially working blind compared to the competition.

Being able to properly tune your supply chain to meet public demand is a key capability that separates the top logistics firms from those merely in the business. This requires good data and the analytical skill to derive the right business information out of that data.

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