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Supply Chain and Mobile Technology — Are You Ready?

Supply chain management has grown increasingly complex. The need to run a lean operation, increased warehousing costs and just-in-time delivery drive adoption of technologies that can streamline supply chain management.

Whether you are a jobseeker or an employer you need to keep abreast of cutting-edge technologies that can improve supply chain management.

Increasingly mobile is moving into the workspace. Tablets or smartphones are used to transmit tracking data, order product and generate reports as supply chain managers are spread thin and find themselves stretched over multiple facilities.

Mobile can improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction by minimizing the downtime associated with supply chain managers on the go.

Mobile technologies can be deployed throughout the supply chain.

  • Supply Chain managers can use mobile to instantly access reports and inventory updates.
  • Delivery drivers can be supplied with mobile devices to track shipments and capture signatures.
  • Mobile-enabled scanners or scanner apps can be used to track real-time inventory on the warehouse floor.
  • Executives can use mobile devices to tap remotely into enterprise resource planning software.
  • Workers across the supply chain can use mobile devices to track shipments and assets.

Why mobile?

Customer expectations. People have become accustomed to the quick mobile access they enjoy with online shopping and bring those expectations to the workplace.

Smaller workforce. As companies shrink headcount, the remaining employees are expected to do more with less. Mobile devices provide instant access from anywhere, leveraging a smaller workforce by increasing their availability.

Global trade. With increasing worldwide trade and travel, all segments of the supply chain require solutions that will keep up with international demand and constant travel requirements.

Are you ready for mobile?

Whether you are a seeking a job or have roles to fill in supply chain management, the encroachment of mobile technology cannot be avoided. How can you take advantage?

When you search for jobs, be sure that your resume reflects that you’ve kept up with the latest in mobile or other technologies no matter how many years tenure you have. This is even more crucial for older, experienced workers to help avoid the perception that you are an “old dog” unable to learn new tricks.

If you are hiring, take an inventory of the skills candidates will need in order to keep up with your mobile strategy and list them in your job posting. Thus weeding out applicants who resist new technology.

To further ensure access to highly qualified supply chain candidates or to help you advance your supply chain career, contact your supply chain industry expert, ZDA Supply Chain Recruiting today.

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