Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

Be Successful on Your First Day

Congratulations on earning a new job with a top supply chain company in your region. A great resume, a thoughtful cover letter, and a superior interview performance definitely helped you clinch the deal. Your new employer is expecting you to make a positive difference from your first day moving forward, so it is definitely no time for slacking off.

It is vital to start off on the right foot with what is hopefully a long-term position. Here are four tips to help ensure your success on the first day at a new job.

Spend Time Learning the Software Packages and Other Technologies Used Daily

Getting up to speed as quickly as possible with the software and technology used at your new employer makes a significant difference for your productivity. Once you receive and accept a job offer, ask your employer for any relevant software documentation for you to peruse before your start date. If you will be using off-the-shelf software packages as part of your job duties, check to see if a demo version is available for downloading so you can spend some time familiarizing yourself with its operation and user interface.

The same applies to any mobile apps or other technology. If possible and permitted by the company, stop in before your start date to pick up any user manuals or any other information to help get you ready for your first day. Becoming productive as quickly as possible needs to be your primary goal.

Thoroughly Research the Company’s Current Business Plan and Project Work

A full understanding of your company’s business – current projects, history, competitors, etc. – definitely positions yourself as a valuable employee. Once again, after accepting the job offer, ask about gaining access to any information to help you to learn everything you can about the business aspects of your new employer. The sooner you understand their operations, the sooner you can make a positive difference.

Reach Out to Tenured Co-workers

The employee orientation process probably offers you the chance to meet your new co-workers. Make it a point to befriend someone who has worked for the company for a while. This helps give you insight on any office politics that may affect your ability to be productive.

Make a Connection with Your Boss

You probably met your new boss during the interview process. Either way, make it a point to meet with them to go over any expectations for your first few weeks on the job. Show off your research efforts by asking some insightful questions about the company’s current project load.

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