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How to Maintain Speed, Efficiency and Most Importantly…Safety!

If you’re in a supply chain management position, you’re always working toward higher speed and greater efficiency—but have you put safety on the back burner? How much thought and strategy have you put into promoting safety in the workplace? The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires companies to offer a work environment free from known safety hazards. Here are seven easy ways to keep your supply chain running smoothly—and safely!

1. Identify safety hazards in your workplace.

This should include reviewing routine processes that involve chemicals or caustic agents, extreme heat or cold, sharp objects and machinery. You should also review the physical structure or layout of your buildings and facilities to see it causes any problems.

2. Make sure any structural or equipment safety hazards are corrected.

This can be as minor as offering a place for storing safety gear or fixing cracked sidewalks, and as major as adding extra safety gear to machinery.

3. Create a variety of training materials.

These materials can be visual, written or video guides and should be appropriate to all employee levels. Safety training should be offered for new employees, employees who change jobs and as a routine requirement to keep employees mindful of safety.

4. Place signs on or near dangerous workplace activities.

Visual reminders of safety will help promote safety awareness. One effective poster could be a safety chart that demonstrates how many days the company has been accident-free.

5. Establish a confidential method for all employees to report safety concerns.

Encourage employees to help the company maintain a safe workplace by notifying management whenever a dangerous situation appears.

6. Send home safety tips.

Create a list of workplace safety tips that address risks in your company’s environment. If you still offer physical paychecks, regularly insert a short series of tips in employees’ paycheck envelopes.

7. Schedule a monthly company-wide safety meeting,

Accommodate the needs of shift workers and essential employees by offering multiple meetings, if necessary. Recruit safety-related speakers from many disciplines. The American Society of Safety Engineers is a great source for information.

Safety awareness in the supply chain workplace is the first step to ensuring an injury-free zone. When your workers are protected, aware and healthy, they’ll be productive!

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