Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

Show Your Worth on Your Resume to Get Your Next Job

Putting together a top-notch resume plays a major role in any successful job search. Considering the fact that hiring managers peruse hundreds of resumes for an open position, it is important to clearly highlight your value to a potential new employer. Simply listing your educational background, work experience, and abilities won’t suffice. Your resume might only get a 30-second glance, so having quality content on that document is required.

The key is to display concrete worth on your resume to ensure you’ll get called in for an interview. Let’s take a closer look.

Tangible Evidence is a Must When Highlighting Work Experience

The work history section of your resume is where you need to go into detail about the difference you made for your previous employers. Hiring managers need to see specific results, and using numbers and other details is a must. You need to go beyond just mentioning your overall role and responsibilities.

For example, if you saved a previous employer money with a great idea to streamline a logistics project, clearly state the amount you saved. Consider using percentages to make the information easier to read or if you need to maintain a measure of confidentiality. If you consistently completed projects ahead of time and under budget, highlight those details in each listing on your work history.

A separate section on your resume highlighting your most impressive achievements using bullet points makes your candidacy stand out from the pack. A hiring manager can relate to a statement like “increased revenue by 20 percent” much easier than “led a four-person project that examined company revenue.”

Detail Your Professional Certifications

If you’ve earned a variety of professional certifications in your career, be sure to list these in the skills section of your resume. Hiring managers tend to pay close attention to a candidate’s pedigree, and certifications are a great way to prove you truly have the skills you claim.

Additionally, use the work history section to show how you’ve used these abilities in action. Displaying real evidence of the value you added while using one of your certified abilities emphasizes the worth you’ll bring to a potential employer. Those statements show to the hiring manager that the investment in your continuing education provides tangible results to the employer.

Clearly Note Any Awards or Promotions

A potential employer wants to understand the upward arc of your career. So be sure to highlight any awards and promotions you received at your previous jobs. Putting the awards in a separate section helps them get noticed. Detail any promotions in your work history.

Don’t be afraid to brag in this section. A lot of people will undersell their accomplishments because they don’t feel very important or noteworthy. However, when you’re competing for a job with dozens of other people, it’s not the time to be shy or quiet. You can be humble and still promote yourself appropriately.

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