Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

Should You Ask for Feedback After Being Rejected from a Job?

Any kind of rejection isn’t fun, but when your job application gets rejected, it means a lot of hard work just didn’t pay off.

The thing is – it doesn’t have to be a complete loss. Asking for feedback after you’ve been turned down for a position can feel awkward, but it could also lead to getting beneficial advice on how to land the right job.

If you’re not convinced that swallowing your pride is worth it, consider the following benefits of asking for feedback after being rejected.

Insight on How to Do Better in Your Next Application

Requesting feedback from someone who didn’t want to hire you can provide you with great insight into the various things you can do to step up your game. For instance, perhaps you were well-qualified but came off as ill-prepared for the interview. Or, maybe there’s a key skill that you need to develop. There’s also the possibility that you just weren’t a great culture fit for the organization.

Whatever triggered your rejection, you ought to want to know what it is. That way, you’ll be equipped with the information you need to crush the next opportunity.

Insight on Yourself

We like to think of ourselves as great people but seeking feedback after a rejection might be a good way to learn about annoying personal habits or mistakes in your personal presentation that you didn’t know about. Your former interviewer doesn’t have a lot to lose by being honest with you and is more likely to tell you something your loved ones would never say.

This kind of feedback can be brutal to hear, but extremely useful if taken the right way.

An Opportunity to Prove You’re Willing to Grow

Although you didn’t get a job offer, rejection is an opportunity to show the company they made the wrong choice. Anybody can say they can take criticism well, but asking for feedback and responding to it well shows your growth potential, which can benefit you down the road.

Position Yourself for Future Opportunities

The business you applied to will gradually have another job opening for which you are qualified. You most likely want to be top of mind when the hiring process for that job begins. If you reached out with grace and asked for feedback, you’ve put yourself near the top of the candidate’s list.

Clearly, there’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain in the eyes of an employer even if you’ve been rejected for a job.


When a situation doesn’t go your way, it’s good to walk away knowing that you did all that you could to make it work. Asking for feedback after a rejection is one of those “right things to do” that can help give you closure and move on to the next opportunity with your head held high.

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