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Should You Answer a Recruiter’s InMail?

There you are, minding your own business when all of a sudden, your phone notification pings, and you see someone has contacted you over LinkedIn about a job opportunity.

It can be flattering when a recruiter slides into your LinkedIn DMs, but to be fair, a job opportunity you weren’t seeking is often less appealing than one you were chasing. If you’re not interested, you might be tempted to dismiss a recruiter’s InMail in this situation, but employment experts recommend that you should respond – even if you know you definitely don’t want the job.

If You’re Not Interested

Replying to a recruiter’s message on LinkedIn could make them more likely to think about you for other possibilities down the road. They probably message many prospective candidates on LinkedIn, and if you’re one of the few respondents, even if it’s to politely decline the offer, you are likely to be top of mind for other opportunities.

If you are currently employed and not interested in the company or the job, mention that you are satisfied with your current job situation. Follow up by saying you will reach out if your situation changes. Don’t go into lengthy explanations on why you are not interested. Be definitive yet polite.

Responding by saying “thanks but no thanks” is a basic professional courtesy. Nothing may come of this type of response, but at least you won’t burn a bridge.

If You’re Interested in the Company, But Not the Job

Sometimes, a recruiter will contact you on behalf of a company that seems very exciting, but the position being offered is not. In this situation, start by talking about how much you appreciate the offer and are excited to see it comes from the company you hold in high regard.

Then, explain the type of role you are currently interested in and how the position being offered is not quite what you’re looking for at the moment. Conclude your response by saying you would be interested in other opportunities that are closer to your ideal next job. Attach your resume to show you are sincere about other opportunities.

This type of response can help you get a foot in the door, a company you’d love to work for someday.

If You Aren’t Sure

People who are contacted by recruiters often feel a strong sense of gratitude and that gratitude can turn to a sense of obligation. If you aren’t sure about an opportunity, first make sure it isn’t because you’re confusing interest with this sense of obligation.

If you genuinely aren’t sure about the opportunity and would like to learn more, be upfront and honest with the recruiter. Explain your current career situation and how you would be open to discussing the opportunity further.

We Can Help You Navigate Various Job Search Situations

Getting recruited over LinkedIn is just one of many situations that come up during a typical modern career. If you’re currently open to new career possibilities, please contact ZDA today to find out how we can be of assistance.

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