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Should I Get My MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management is all about the big picture: Supply chain employees focus on specific responsibilities, while those in management put everything together to make it all function smoothly.

Those looking to take in ‘big picture’ responsibilities in the supply chain industry should consider earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Operations and Supply Chain Management.

There aren’t a lot of schools in the country with an entire MBA program for Operations and Supply Chain Management. Although, many programs do include it as a specialization. All this means is that those who earn an MBA with a supply chain specialization have both a solid business foundation and a focus in operations.

Most MBA programs require multiple years of education and some amount of in-person attendance. There are, however, a few that can be earned online.

What does an MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management translate to for the earner?

Most individuals who graduate with an MBA in Supply Chain Management find themselves working in manufacturing, but there are also supply chain management jobs in government, wholesale trade and other industries.

Someone with a supply chain MBA can find a job in any level of an industry, from inventory control manager to vice president of procurement. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average yearly salary for a supply chain manager is more than $74,000, with the top 10 percent earning nearly $120,000. The job of a supply chain manager also includes the possibility of earning commission and bonuses, which could significantly boost salary.

Generally speaking, supply chain management jobs aren’t going anywhere. At the moment, it is a great time to pursue a degree in the field of supply chain management. For the next six to seven years, the employment rate for the supply chain industry is projected to rise by 7 percent.

How do I go about getting this MBA?

You must have a bachelor’s degree to apply to any MBA program, and it helps if you have three to five years of experience in a related industry, like management, purchasing or economics.

When thinking about an MBA program, you ought to look at the quality of the program, cost, return on investment and reputation across the nation.

With the biggest enrollment in the nation, Michigan State University has one of the top supply chain MBA programs. In fact, it was the first school to launch a supply chain management degree, making it an obvious top choice.

Pennsylvania State University is also a large school with a supply chain MBA program that regularly gets ranked as one of the top programs in the United States. Graduates of the school’s supply chain MBA program have gone on to work for companies like Nike, Apple and Amazon.

The supply chain MBA program at Arizona State University is also among the country’s highest ranked. It’s also consistently cited as one of the top programs with respect to technology and innovation.

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