Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

Self assessment tools – job seekers

Recently we had a group from all walks of life participate in the Dewey Color Assessment Tools that we offer through our Career Portal.  This group included recent grads to high level CEO’s and the results were incredibly accurate.

This Color System creates self-awareness through color preference. This is the first evaluation to extensively use color preference to bypass language. Instead of relying on lengthy, imprecise questionnaires, the Color System uses a simple, highly accurate system based on your color preferences to reveal who you are, not who you believe yourself to be.

Here are the two Color Assessment Tool options:

1.    Color Career Indicator 4.0 – Receive a List of YOUR 50 Specific Job Descriptions
2.    Color Leadership Evaluation (CLE) 5.0 – Learn Your Most Effect Leadership Power Moves

Go to: to log on and try it out!

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