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Hot Job: Sales Manager 3PL – Atlanta

Our latest Hot Job at ZDA, a sales manager for a third-party logistics company that continues to grow by triple digits annually, requires wearing a lot of different hats.

In addition to having managerial and sales abilities, the position also calls for a strong supply chain background. Responsibilities include locating and proposing potential business deals, exploring opportunities, developing business models for logistics services and planning the implementation or ramp-up of new projects.

Those working as a logistics sales manager should have good time management skills as they will often find themselves in fast-paced working environments. These managers can be found anywhere from the office to the warehouse, and they are often asked to travel as a part of their job.

Logistics sales managers must work logically and systematically to resolve both sales and some logistics issues. This requires thinking laterally and offering creative solutions in order to solve problems. Logistics sales managers must be highly computer literate and have the ability to handle complex data.

Speaking to the needs of customers

The top priority for this month’s Hot Job is making sales, and this typically means being able to speak to the needs of potential and regular customers.

A third-party logistics company has the capacity to set up pricing with numerous carriers in order to fit the needs of their clients. This means a logistics sales manager needs to be able to meet with a company, and find a carrier that will fit those needs at a rate that maximizes profit, but still is cost-effective for the customer.

Customers often have specific logistics needs. For instance, a customer might call for residential delivery or lift gate pick-up. The sales manager must narrow down the options based on a customer’s specific needs and also charge the customer appropriately for meeting their particular need.

A logistics sales manager must also know the kind of service each carrier provides. If a customer has a time sensitive shipment, you might need to go with a more reliable carrier you know will get the shipment there on time. Additionally, some carriers are less expensive, and their service reflects this lower price point. A good logistics sales manager knows how to save customers money without sacrificing service.

Being able to handle unexpected situations is another responsibility of a logistics sales manager. If a customer sets up an important shipment with a carrier and that carrier suddenly says it cannot make the pick-up, a sales manager should be able to access and process transactions with other carriers in order to get the shipment out in a timely manner.

A logistics sales manager also needs to be able to bridge the gap between their employer and the client company. The client may have completely different objective and values, and the sales manager should act as a lubricant as to avoid friction between the two companies.

At ZDA, we have all kind of opportunities available to job seekers. If you are interested in this sales manager position or something similar, please check out our supply chain job board today!


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