Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

The Right Attitude Helps Your Relationship With a Hiring Manager

Applying for a job can be a time-consuming and stressful ordeal. Some people invest a lot of energy attempting to craft the perfect cover letter and memorize answers for every possible interview question.

A more targeted approach is to take a step back and think about developing a great relationship with the hiring manager. By simply focusing on relationship building, you can eliminate any excess preparation while still delivering the goods.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you’re looking to connect with a potential employer.

Am I being professional?

There’s no bigger red flag than when an applicant comes off as rude or ignorant. With hiring personnel persistently getting bombarded with emails from various applicants, little gestures can get you noticed in a positive way.

When applying via email, use an email address that is simple and professional. This helps the recruiter and makes a good impression. Unless the job posting was extremely casual, don’t use any slang or hip terminology. Be sure your application email includes contact information at the bottom, even if that information is already included in an attached resume.

Am I projecting enthusiasm?

If you truly want to land a job at a certain company, you need to communicate in a way that is confident, but does not seem desperate. Be sure to convey your enthusiasm in your cover letter, during the interview and even in a follow-up email.

While you may be worried about seeming overly desperate, it is more important for a hiring manager to not second-guess your desire for the position.

Do I understand the company culture?

To demonstrate your ability to fit into the company’s existing culture, you have to specifically understand what the business is all about. It is particularly helpful to know how the company is unique in its industry. For instance, if a company has a New Age vibe, but is still down-to-earth – fully embracing your inner hippie probably won’t do you any favors.

Do your due diligence, and then demonstrate you understand the business and the job by mentioning specific examples of company values in your application and interview.

Do I know my interviewer?

In addition to knowing the company, you should also know your interviewer. You won’t generally know who you’re getting together with, but if you do, ensure you know their work history, reputation and persona – to the point where you know what kind of behavior might interest them or turn them off.

Can I show my value and expertise?

Probably the most essential way to show you’re the ideal person for the job is to show how you would add value to the company through your skills and experience. Providing examples of how your experience and skills are transferrable indicates you’ve considered how you would integrate into the organization and makes your capabilities crystal clear for the hiring manager.

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