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5 Tips for Retaining Your Top Supply Chain Talent

Keeping your best supply chain workers satisfied and fully engaged is extremely important to your success. If you don’t, you can find yourself losing employees and facing the time, effort and money it takes to hire and train new supply chain personnel. Avoid turnover and expense by giving your employees what they want:

Career Development
Show your supply chain employees how you can assist in their career goals by defining and sharing their opportunities for advancement at your company. And whenever possible, provide them with training and education that will develop them professionally and give them more incentive to stay on board with your company.

Better Benefits

Going after a bigger salary isn’t the top reason supply chain employees leave their jobs, but it can be attractive. If you can’t afford to give raises, try boosting your benefits package. Add vision and dental coverage to your health care offerings, or other options that offers work-life balance, such as flexible workplace arrangements, paid time off or wellness benefits like gym memberships.

Employer Appreciation

Let your supply chain employees know that they’re contributing to your organization and offer recognition for a job well done. And while emails and notes are fine, management should take the time to offer face-to-face thanks—in fact, an employee appreciation lunch can be a nice way to let your workers how valued they are.

Two-Way Communication

Employees need to know what’s happening in the organization. It’s important that management be transparent about issues that affect employees, from future plans to current earnings. Supply chain employees also need opportunities to share their opinions, on everything from operational problems to cultural issues. And, if you ask for their input, do something about it.

Supportive Environment
Create an employee-friendly environment by giving colleagues opportunities to get to know each other and bond over common experiences. Institute traditions like celebrating birthdays or Free Lunch Fridays. Work with your employees to revamp outdated rules or reduce unnecessary meetings—your employees need and want time to do their jobs and the necessary tools to do them.

With so much competition for top supply chain professionals, you need to know how to keep the ones you have—and keep them happy. ZDA, Supply Chain Recruiting in Richmond, VA , knows what makes the best supply chain employees tick, what your competitors are offering and how to sell your career opportunities in the industry. Contact us any time you’d like to discuss what we can do for you.

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