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Want a Deep Candidate Pool? Here’s How

Does it seem like you only get the bottom of the supply chain candidate barrel? That’s probably because your primary method of attracting candidates isn’t attractive to the top fish in the pond.

Let’s say your primary method is posting job ads on job boards. Do you then sit back and wait for those “fish” floating near the surface to pop up and take the bait? You’ll be waiting for a long time. This approach tends to bring out the unemployed, non-productive, toxic or poor performers. Usually, the process of collecting resumes from job postings is a complete waste of time.

It’s time you started fishing in deeper waters, looking for candidates who are not aggressively waiting for the hook. Actually, it’s time you paired up with somebody who can do it for you.

Many employers resist using an outside party to locate qualified candidates. Most think that they can achieve the same results themselves. But specialty recruiting firms provide much more than a database of candidates. They can:

1. Save you time and money – They do the sourcing, screening and presenting of qualified candidates, so your hiring managers and HR teams can focus on their own primary job functions.

2. Extend your candidate reach – Recruiters develop extensive networks of passive candidates who will learn of your company and its opportunities only through direct contact by a recruiter. And they can call passive candidates at top companies, which you cannot.

3. Source more efficiently – Recruiters that specialize in your industry can source candidates more efficiently because they have knowledge of its language and job functions, and they understand how each role fits within your company.

4. Generate higher quality candidates – Specialty recruiters place a premium on building strong relationships with their clients and job candidates. The stronger these relationships are, the better the quality of their candidates.

5. Share perspective – Industry-specific recruiters can provide valuable insight on the organizational structure of your company, its position scopes, and competitive compensation packages. They can also compare your opportunities to others, for candidates.

6. Go beyond sourcing – Once recruiters source and present qualified candidates, they should remain an intermediary throughout the entire process, managing candidate expectations, collecting and presenting feedback to both parties, negotiating terms, and making every effort to secure a win-win scenario. Recruiters will also ensure that your organization and its available positions are represented in a proper and appropriate manner throughout the process.

Partnering with a specialty recruiting firm that matches the needs of your organization is the first step in gaining greater insight to your industry, remaining productive and profitable, and creating the deep candidate pool that you can access whenever you need it. Not convinced? Contact ZDA Supply Chain Recruiting today, and we’d be happy to share what we can do for you.

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