Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

5 Reasons You Should Always Answer a Recruiter’s LinkedIn Message

Getting a random LinkedIn message from a recruiter can trigger all kinds of feelings.

At first, you’ll probably feel flattered that someone thinks you’re well-qualified for a position they’re trying to fill. You might also feel nervous about responding, annoyed because you have a great job you don’t want to leave or conflicted about whether you should respond.

First, it’s important to know that many recruiters use a spray-and-pray approach; messaging a lot of potential candidates on LinkedIn and not expecting all to respond. Bottom line: If you don’t respond to an unappealing proposition – it isn’t the end of the world.

That being said, it’s almost always a good idea to respond to these messages. Not convinced? Below are five reasons why you should.

1) You Can Make a Network Connection

Because recruiters don’t tend to get a lot of responses from cold messaging prospects over LinkedIn, you’ll stand out and be able to make a new network connection.

Replying to recruiter’s InMail communications may make them more likely to think of you down the road. If you let the recruiter know you’re not interested but want to hear if anything comes up down the road, you are likely to stick in their mind and put yourself in a position to have exclusive access to future open positions.

2) You Could Make a New Personal Connection

Because of the way LinkedIn suggests connections, a recruiter who contacts you could be a personal connection of someone you know. For instance, you might be connected to a close friend on LinkedIn and the recruiter who contacted you might know your friend in a professional capacity. When you respond to this recruiter, it could end up leading to a new personal connection. You just never know.

3) Word Gets Around

With social media, industries are tighter knit than ever. Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to make sure you maintain a positive image. While you shouldn’t worry about offending someone by not responding, it can’t hurt to burnish your reputation by politely responding.

4) Your Job Situation Could Quickly Change

Sure, you love your job now. But company culture and your working environment could turn on a dime. If your company gets sold or your new boss is difficult to work for, you could end up ruing the day you ignored that recruiter.

5) Low Risk, High Reward Potential

Politely responding to an offer that you aren’t interested in only takes a couple minutes. Given the benefits laid out above, that’s not much of an investment. In fact, LinkedIn even provides you with boilerplate responses for both showing interest and politely declining. Just make sure you customize your response to avoid looking lazy and dismissive.

Let Us Help You Connect to Great Career Opportunities

Obviously, if you really need a new job, you shouldn’t be waiting around for a recruiter to message you on LinkedIn. That’s where we come in. Contact ZDA today to find out how we can support your search for a new career opportunity.

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