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Have You Taken Time Off? 3 Reasons to Use All Your Vacation Days This Year

American workers are already well known for not using up all of their paid time off, as surveys regularly show many people end each year with unused vacation time.

With the flight bans, mandatory quarantines and shuttered businesses, requesting time off right now could feel odd, but it’s actually in your interest to use up all of your 2020 vacation time.

Taking vacation time when your leisure options are limited is a bit counterintuitive, but the experts argue that people need to use their time off now more than ever. Even people who have been working from home in a job they love should disconnect; to be able to refresh and recharge their batteries. Taking time off has been proven to raise job satisfaction, creativity and productivity. Using vacation time also leads to better mental and physical health.

Below are three specific reasons why you should use all your paid time off this year.

1) You May Not Be Able to Use It On-Demand

Many people are looking to save their vacation time for a day when travel and leisure become a safer option than they are now. But that strategy may backfire, as it could lead to not being able to take time off when you want to take it.

Yes, you’ve earned your time off, but getting the days you want isn’t a guarantee. The use of vacation time subject to and restricted to the company’s talent needs. If everyone at a company is attempting to take vacation all at the same time, many people will see their requests turned down. If you find yourself in this situation, you may have to split your time into small chunks or wait for something to open up.

Check your company policy on time off to figure out how you can best use your vacation days, both now and post-COVID. The policy may include a use-it-or-lose-it clause or come with a group of pesky restrictions.

2) It’s Good for Your Health

According to research, not taking time off increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, depression, insomnia and other stress-related conditions. Especially in this current pressurized situation, putting off a well-deserved vacation will likely catch up to you, as the pandemic and lockdowns take their toll. Think about your health and take the time you need to support your overall well-being.

3) It’s Good for Your Family

In addition to the enduring memories you often make while on vacation, taking time off away to connect with loved ones strengthens bonds and produces a tighter family unit. Time off from work can hit the reset button on any relationships that might be a bit stressful. Even just the act of taking time off to spend time with family show how much they mean to you.

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