Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

Questions You Can Ask On Your Interview

Although the majority of your time in a formal interview will deal with you answering questions, you should also be prepared to ask some of your own in order to clarify issues or previous statements and demonstrate your interest in the position and organization.

In most cases, you should plan to ask your questions toward the conclusion of your interview. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking appropriate questions during the course of your interviewing. Ideally, you want to strive for a friendly, ongoing exchange of dialog throughout the entire interview and an occasional question may facilitate this objective.

Always ask your questions at what appears to be an appropriate time and always in an objective manner. Each question you pose should signal to the interviewer that you are simply looking for additional information because of your interest in the position and organization.

The following are questions you can ask during your interviews:

1. When do you think you will be making a decision on this assignment?

2. What is the next step in your interviewing process?

3. Will you be considering either additional internal candidates or external candidates?

4. Can you tell me anything about the department supervisor’s management style?

5. What would be the typical career path for this position?

6. What was the reason the last employee left the position / company?

7. Do you think, based upon this interview, that I would still be a good candidate for the job?

8. Would this be an appropriate time to schedule our next meeting since we both have our calendars?

9. Do you have any additional questions about my resume or qualifications?

10. May I please have one of your business cards?

11. How should we proceed at this point? Will you contact me or should I contact you?

12. Is there anything else that I can clarify for you?

13. What were the primary reasons the previous employee was not successful?

14. When do you need to have this position filled?

15. How long has this position been open?

DO NOT ask “ME” questions especially on a first interview. Stay away from questions regarding:

1. Salary

2. Benefits

3. Vacation Time

4. Sick time

5. Insurance

Your job is to SELL YOURSELF in your interviews. The “ME” questions will be answered once you have had more than one interview with any corporation.

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