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Questions to Never Ask on a Job Interview

Sure, your professional experience expressed on your resume and cover letter helped get you that interview, but now it is time to shine and earn a job offer. Job interview performance isn’t only about your responses to questions; what you ask of the interviewer is also important. It is a great chance to show off the insight you gained when researching the company.

Ultimately, your overall interview performance is judged on a variety of factors, and the line of questioning you present to your interviewers remains a vital one. With that in mind, here are a few questions you should never ask during a job interview.

Don’t Ask Basic Questions About the Company’s Operations

Asking the interviewer, “What does your company do?” is the fastest way to flush your candidacy down the drain. A basic question like this simply reveals your lack of research before the interview. Don’t make this mistake.

It is important to research a company’s operations, history, executive team, and leading competitors. Be sure to take notes beforehand, and refer to these throughout the interview. Don’t be shy about showing off your research when you are answering questions, as it might lead to a more interactive conversation which puts you – and your pre-interview efforts – in a good light.

Asking About Required Overtime Isn’t Smart

Don’t ask the interviewer how many hours you would be required to work, or if any unpaid overtime is necessary. This gives the impression that you are a clock watcher, and it doesn’t bode well for your chances for a second interview or a job offer.

Additionally, stay away from any questions about potential flextime, PTO, or sick days – especially during an initial interview. Companies want to employ workers who they trust to put in the extra effort when necessary. Let the interviewer broach the subject, especially if they want to show off their organization’s corporate culture to you.

Stay Away from Raises and Compensation During the First Interview

The first interview is never a good time to talk about your salary, or worse yet, ask when raises are awarded. Most organizations hire candidates who understand that raises are earned through hard work; not necessarily given out at a certain interval.

You need to focus on the positive impact you’ll make at the company during the first interview. Save the discussion about compensation policy for a second interview or when negotiating a potential job offer.

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