Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

Ask These Questions to Determine If You’re the Ideal Job Candidate

Near the end of most job interviews, a hiring manager will ask if you have any questions for them.

Rather than ask about benefits or opportunities for advancement, use this opportunity to figure out how you are doing so far and address any issues that might be holding you back.

The following are examples of good questions for the hiring manager in order to find out if you’re an ideal candidate.

What do you like most about working here?

Naturally, most people prefer to talk about themselves, so this question can get your interviewer relaxed, and hopefully in a candid mood. The question can also supply valuable insight into your interviewer and the company culture. If your interviewer’s answer captivates you, that reinforces your decision to pursue this job opportunity.

This question can help build a bond between you and the interviewer, possibly making you even more of an ideal candidate in their mind.

Have I answered all of your questions?

You always want to find out what concerns a hiring manager has about you as an applicant. First of all, it gives you the chance to directly address any concerns, as well as downplay any weaknesses and highlight any relevant strengths. Second, if you know what concerns a hiring manager has about you and you don’t receive a job offer – you can at least walk away a more informed job seeker and address those concerns before applying to the next job.

If you know your weaknesses going in, you can prepare responses or way to deflect the conversation back to one of your core strengths.

How do I compare to your ideal candidate?

This question can give you the chance to reemphasize the qualities you have that are a perfect match for the position. You can also address any shortcomings by mentioning strengths or achievements you didn’t cover yet.

In addition to reinforcing yourself as the ideal candidate, you should also talk about how you envision using your ‘ideal qualities’ to deliver results for the company. Doing this allows you to show you’re passionate about helping the company succeed, and not just looking to get this job for the paycheck.

Which soft skills lead to being a great match with your culture?

Trying to gain a detailed understanding of the company’s culture is crucial. In addition to gaining that insight, this question also reveals you want to fit in on a personal level, as well as on a professional level.. Concurrently, most interviewers are also trying to evaluate if you’re a solid cultural fit for the business, and like the ‘ideal candidate’ question, you can use this question as chance to highlight your own soft skills.

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