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Be Proactive with Your Recruiter to Boost Your Supply Chain Career

Have you ever worked with a supply chain recruiter in your job search? It can be an important step in your career growth and development. A recruiter’s job is to help you land a best-fit job based on your background, experience and skills. But you have to be an active participant in the process. Here’s how (and how it can benefit you):

  • Discuss the big picture. Share with your recruiter exactly what you’re looking for in terms of pay, benefits, company culture, and career path preferences. If you don’t communicate what you want, you probably won’t get it! Create a win-win situation by being upfront.
  • Share information. If you’ve already applied to certain companies, let the recruiter know when and where you’ve done so. It’s important for both you and the recruiter.
  • Help your recruiter “sell” you.Talk aboutspecific accomplishments, awards or recognitions that you’ve received, processes that you’ve improved, or how you have otherwise contributed to your employer’s bottom line.
  • Be honest about your “red flags.” Do you have any career-related issues that might cause a potential employer concern? If you tell your recruiter about them ahead of time, they can figure out how to defuse the situation and advocate for you.
  • Give the recruiter a complete debriefing after an interview. You should let your recruiter know in detail what went on in the interview. The recruiter should also hear from the company about their impression of you. The recruiter can use this information to clear up areas of miscommunication or confusion, give you feedback on how you did, and hopefully facilitate your way to a second interview.

Working with a supply chain recruiter is all about building relationships. When you do your part to build an ongoing relationship of trust, you’ll create an important ally in your job search and career development. Don’t believe us? We’d be glad to share some of our long-term success stories with you! At ZDA Supply Chain Recruiting, we know the importance of communication, relationships and networking to help people find just the right positions.

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