Post-COVID Career Change: Should You Start Looking for a Better Job?

Many people are expected to quit their jobs as the pandemic starts to recede into history, and untold more will consider quitting.

Some folks have been putting off a career move due to the pandemic and associated effects. Some were dissatisfied by how their organization treated its employees during the pandemic. Others have started to rethink their current situation after working remotely for more than a year.

If you are thinking about looking for a new job, ask yourself the following questions.

Did My Priorities Change?

The pandemic changed all of us, possibly in ways that we don’t even realize. Take some time to evaluate what’s essential to you right now, rather than just sticking with established thought patterns. Think about how the pandemic changed your perspective, both on your career and on your personal life. It may seem counterintuitive to think about your personal life when considering a career change but taking a holistic view is a great way to take stock of how you invest your time and what investments bring you satisfaction.

After taking stock of what’s important to you right now, assess your work situation to see if it’s helping or hurting your cause.

Did COVID Expose a Disconnect?

When the pandemic hit, some companies stepped up to the plate and went to bat for their employees. And some companies did not.

It wasn’t uncommon to hear about companies that laid off employees. At first, it was temporary, but just a few months later, the company would terminate those same employees. There were also stories about companies downsizing their workforce last year. Then as society opened back up, not increasing their staffing to pre-COVID levels.

If your employer did things during the pandemic that you detested, you should consider it was enough to make you walk out the door for another opportunity.

Is Work-From-Home Now a Top Priority?

If you switched to a remote work situation during the pandemic, it likely gave you a whole new perspective. Some people enjoyed the ability to do household chores and help their kids with homework during the day. Others hated the lack of social interaction with coworkers and found their home was full of distractions.

Whether your job has become fully remote, or you’re slated to head back to the office, you should take stock of the situation. If you are dreading an upcoming return to the office, you should start looking. On the contrary, if you’ve gone full remote and want to return to in-person, you need to speak with your employer and possibly start looking if a return isn’t in the cards.

Has Remote Work Opened Up Attractive Options?

The increased popularity of remote work has also opened up more employment opportunities for office-based professionals. If you’ve always dreamed of working for a high-powered company but couldn’t bear to move away from your family, you might now be able to do it via remote work. Also, people who live in big cities now have the option to move to a more rural location if their job can be done remotely.

Once again, you should consider your priorities and think about the new possibilities associated with remote work.

We Can Help You Make Your Next Move

At ZDA, we are working hard to help people move forward with their post-COVID career plans. Feel free to reach out to us today to learn more.

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