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Do You Think there is a Decline in the Pool of Supply Chain Talent?

According to a recent survey, hiring managers in the supply chain are highly concerned about mid-management vacancies and what they see as a declining pool of talent.

What has caused this supposed shortage of supply chain talent?

In most cases, it is attributed to a skills gap—people with undergraduate and graduate degrees in supply chain management are not adequately prepared for supply chain jobs, while professionals already within the supply chain don’t have the skill set for filling management roles.

What’s one solution?

Training and development can help, but just 27 percent of supply chain companies offer regular training or have development programs in place. That’s another gap!

What’s another solution?

Let’s face it, the supply chain industry just isn’t perceived as “sexy” or interesting. It may be time to try and change the industry’s image. Supply chain companies can contribute by livening up their websites and being more accessible through, and active on, social media. Companies can also focus on the positives of joining the industry in their recruiting materials and talking points.

Why? Generation Y is a different breed than their predecessors, and if the supply chain industry can’t attract them, they’re going to lose out. To attract the best and brightest millennials to your company, you have to know how to appeal to them. Talk about technology, flexibility and a collaborative attitude with a policy of transparency at your company, and you’ll be much more attractive to younger employees.

Is there another, quicker solution?

The suggestions above are viable and necessary, but they do take time to implement. If your company is suffering now from the skills gap, you may not have the time to implement a comprehensive training and development program or revamp your marketing materials. So what can you do now?

  • Work with an experienced recruiter that specializes in the industry. When you need people now, not a couple of years down the road, your supply chain recruiter will know where to find them and will work on your behalf to secure their talents. They can also work with you to make sure you are offering a competitive salary and benefits package in comparison to the competition.
  • Focus on retaining the talent you already have. What are you doing to ensure that they are satisfied, challenged and productive? Do you treat your people with respect, communicate regularly with them and listen to their ideas? Do you focus on performance , management, standards and expectations? Does everyone know what is expected of them and how to communicate when things aren’t going according to plan?

In order to close the skills gap in the supply chain industry, companies will have to be proactive. If you’d like more advice on how to find—and retain— the supply chain talent you need, contact ZDA Supply Chain Recruiting in Denver. With our insider knowledge and vast experience in the industry, we can help you become a supply chain employer of choice.

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