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How to Optimize your Job Postings

Filling any open position with your company costs significant resources — everything from advertising the job to spending your valuable time reviewing résumés and interviewing candidates. Making the wrong hiring decision, however, can cause an even bigger drain on your organization’s bottom line, especially in the supply chain industry. It is important to optimize your job postings so only the best potential candidates are taking up your time.

Interested? Let’s take a closer look at a few strategies for getting the most out of your job postings.

Clearly State the Job Requirements

It is important to clearly state what skills and professional experiences a candidate must have to be considered for the position. This helps filter out those unqualified for the position; saving you — and your HR staff — both time and money.

Leverage Keywords throughout the Job Posting

A strategic sprinkling of keywords throughout your job posting helps it get noticed online. Smart job hunters that are qualified for your open logistics position can now easily find out about your company and their chance to make a difference for your firm. These keywords should highlight the job title, selected skills required for the position, and the location of your company.

Don’t Forget to Use Social Media

Make sure you post about your open position on social media. LinkedIn, as the preeminent social networking site for professionals, is a natural choice for posting, especially in any groups related to logistics. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ also make sense considering the wide popularity of those first two social networks.

Additionally, leverage any available reporting metrics for your postings to check their efficacy — number of views, click-through percentage, etc. This is a great way to help your HR team continue to enhance the quality and usefulness of your job postings.

If your organization needs any additional insight on improving your hiring process, partner with the experts at ZDA. As one of the nation’s leading supply chain staffing agencies, we can help ensure your company’s success with a robust supply of quality candidates. Schedule a meeting with us at your earliest convenience.

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