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Why It Pays to Offer Competitive Pay Rates

As the economy continues in its recovery after the Great Recession, the job market is becoming more competitive for logistics companies looking for top notch talent. No longer can firms lowball candidates, confident that their competitors remain in a hiring freeze. In short, if your organization wants to attract – and hire – the best talent, you need to offer a competitive salary at the minimum.

What follows are some reasons why it pays off to go above and beyond when making an offer to a potential new hire:

Top Supply Chain Employees are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Sure, it’s a bit of a cliché, but the top employees in the supply chain industry are worth their weight in gold. In this competitive and constantly changing industry, the best companies are the ones with employees who boast a high level of technical ability, including the latest in logistics software and supply chain data analytics. Your firm won’t get ahead without employing the best in the field!

Offer an Extra-Competitive Salary

To ensure the best candidates choose to work at your firm, it helps to go above the average salary for their position in your location. Superior candidates probably have multiple companies competing for their services, and you can expect that some of them are your competitors. In short, go the extra mile with your salary offer.

Don’t forget your Benefits Package and Company Culture

A robust benefits package is also a “must” to attract the best in the supply chain industry. Since the insurance and other benefits tend to be standard among your employees, be generous with vacation days and comp time to ensure that top candidates choose your firm. Also, take the steps to build a corporate culture that is the envy of others in the industry, as this helps to clinch the deal when a candidate is deciding between two companies with equal compensation packages.

If you need additional insight to attracting the best logistics workers, talk to the experts at ZDA. As one of the top staffing agencies in the supply chain industry, we can help ensure your company’s long term success. Schedule a meeting with us at your earliest convenience.

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