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How to Integrate New Hires into Your Supply Chain Team

The onboarding process is important in many industries, and the world of logistics is no exception. Getting new hires productive as quickly as possible is one of the things that separates the best companies from the supply chain also-rans. What follows are some strategies for integrating new employees into your productive supply chain team.

Develop an Office Plan or Policy for New Hire Onboarding

It is important that any onboarding process is documented in an official plan or policy. This is something your supply chain managers and HR team can put together. Make sure the plan is based on real-world scenarios that your team typically encounter.

This should be a “living” document that periodically gets reviewed and updated when necessary. Be sure to give a new hire their own copy of the plan on their first day (or when they accept their job offer) along with any other new employee documentation they receive.

Pair the New Employee with an Experienced Co-worker

Pairing up the new hire with an experienced co-worker in the same role or one who’s familiar with their job is a smart part of any onboarding plan. This way, the new employee gets comfortable with how your firm’s daily operations work while also gaining an early understanding of their role within your organization. Limit any external customer interactions during this initial period, or at least have them tag along with their mentor to meet some of your more important customers.

After about two weeks or so, the new hire should able to swim on their own. Pay attention to any interactions with their co-workers to ensure the new person feels comfortable and part of the team. Finally, meet with the employee to find out their feelings about the efficacy of your firm’s onboarding plan, and make any changes to it as necessary.

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