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Not All Employees Are Created Equal

In every corporation there are many different types of employees. There are the employees that stand out from the rest due to superior performance, loyalty, responsibility and a consistent positive attitude. There are also employees that don’t exceed expectations, but they meet them. Often they are responsible, loyal and get their work accomplished on a timely basis. The last category is defined by the employees who are noticeable for their inadequacies. These individuals are known for all of the wrong reasons. Often they have poor attendance, problems with tardiness, and inner-office problems with co-workers or superiors. They usually are negative and condescending. The first of these three categories are the employees that are valued most by corporations. These employees can be referred to as high-valued employees. High-valued employees share common characteristics.

When determining your employees, you should look at the following:

– Provide leadership – formal or informal

– Contribute practical and new ideas

– Create excellent and consistent results

– Require little supervision

– Facilitate the work of others

– Have unique skills and knowledge

– Without this employee, the company would suffer

– If this employee left for a top competitor, the company could lose valuable information

– Dependable and reliable – attendance is excellent

If you want to attain the status of highly-valued employee, you need to set the pace, keep your attitude positive and bring ideas to your company that improve their bottom line or efficiency.

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