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Mitigating the Impact of Last-Minute Recruiting

Sometimes, despite your best-laid plans, you’ll need to do some last minute recruiting in the supply chain. You might have a special project, or your top employee may resign, or you may find yourself understaffed as a new client comes on board. So how can you quickly and effectively find supply chain professionals who can come on board and help you out as soon as possible?

In an industry where production schedules often create peaks and valleys that impact staffing needs, here’s how working with a supply chain recruiter can keep you ahead of the game when crunch time hits:

1. It gives you the ability to be flexible, and in the real world, flexibility equals productivity. Being able to move swiftly when the work comes in can help keep your facility operating at peak efficiency.

2. It will help you reduce turnover. Because you’ll have a pool of qualified workers to call on when necessary, you can reduce the high cost of turning over staff.

3. You’ll be getting people with the right skills. You don’t want to hire forklift drivers when you need pickers/packers to get the work done. Identify the skills needed to complete the project efficiently, then hire and train.

4. You’ll find strength in numbers. Instead of attempting to manage a workforce that comes in and out of your facility as needed, your staffing provider can handle it—and all of the responsibilities and legalities that go along with it.

And remember, when you hire temporary or short-term employees, make the most of it! Even workers who are only on the job a few days a week want to feel they’re a valued member of the team and that an investment is being made in their role with the company. Be hands on and offer coaching and training if necessary. It’s not a waste of time, especially if you might bring back these same employees during a later peak period.

Look ahead to what might be happening in the coming months. There’s no time like right now to begin planning for peak times and unexpected hiring emergencies. The benefits of advance planning will continue to pay you back well beyond the next seasonal flurry.

How do we know so much about it? At ZDA Supply Chain Recruiting, we have years of experience in dealing with the ups and downs of hiring in the supply chain. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you, call or contact us anytime!

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