Finding a New Job
Finding a New Job

As a Millennial, Tell Your Supply Chain Recruiter You Want These Benefits

Millennials in the workforce today are typically employed and managed by baby boomers and Gen Xers.

While it’s completely normal to have this age gap in the workplace, it can cause a disconnect when it comes to priorities. Specifically, millennials tend to want different benefits than the ones put in place by a company 10 or 15 years ago.

In a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), slightly less than 50 percent all millennials said their benefits package is a key to job satisfaction. Given their nonplussed attitude toward their benefits, it isn’t surprising that millennials aren’t using their benefits as much as other generations before them.

Therefore, if you, millennial reader, want to get the benefits that are important to you – you must tell recruiters which ones you would like to have. If you don’t know what benefits should be important to you, here are a few suggestions.

Remote Work

Given the capabilities of modern technology, most of today’s tech-literate workers (millennials) don’t want to be shackled to their workstations. They want the capacity work from another location, possibly home, the corner coffee shop, the park or somewhere else. Surveys even show that around 60 percent of millennials expect employers to offer remote work capabilities.

Flexible Schedule

Combined with the remote work option, today’s workers want the ability to flex their work hours from time to time in order to maintain a proper work-life balance. By allowing employees to bump up their start time in the morning or take a half-day on Fridays after staying late all week, employers can give their staff members the freedom to attend their children’s events, care for a sick loved one or take college classes.

This kind of flexibility is becoming increasingly popular, and for job seekers that makes it a very reasonable request.

Career Development Opportunities

If you’re a millennial, it’s probably safe to say you aren’t at the end of your career path, biding your time until the Social Security checks start rolling in. Therefore, career development opportunities should be among the top things you should request of a recruiter or potential employer.

Coaching, training sessions, cross-training opportunities, tuition reimbursement and any other professional development opportunities can advance your career, keep engaged with the work and reinforce your commitment to your employer.

Options in Benefits

Thanks to the internet, we live in an on-demand era. Transportation, food and even a romantic date is all available at the swipe of a finger. So why shouldn’t the same customization apply to employer benefits packages?

Employers might argue that the economics of the health insurance industry mean their hands are tied when it comes to offering health insurance. However, millennials aren’t at an age where certain health benefits are a priority. For instance, you might ask to forego vision coverage in favor of picking up some transportation or commuter costs.

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